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For over twenty years, Grossman & Heavey has been known as one of the best medical malpractice defense firms in New Jersey.

Its lawyers have tried hundreds of medical malpractice cases on behalf of physicians, nurses, dentists, podiatrists, therapists, chiropractors, hospitals and nursing homes. They have defended thousands of medical malpractice claims. Their record of success at trial is superlative.

Mr. Grossman has been recognized by his peers in New Jersey and nationwide as one of the best trial attorneys in the field. Mr. Heavey and Mr. Halpin have each tried scores of medical malpractice cases with extraordinary success.

Insurance carriers appreciate Grossman & Heavey’s trial and litigation skills, their remarkable record of success, and their analytical expertise in this complex area of the law. Their insureds value these same attributes but also another characteristic equally vital to the attorney-client relationship—a quick and thorough grasp of the medicine and the medical issues involved in the case. Indeed, the Grossman & Heavey defense team includes not only a nurse-paralegal but also, in Mary Grace Callahan, an attorney who has a degree in nursing and who worked for years as a registered nurse.

Grossman & Heavey has been involved in numerous cases which have shaped the law of medical malpractice in New Jersey, including:

Scafidi v. Seiler (landmark case concerning “lost chance” cases and required standard of proof and allocation of responsibility)

Jacober v. Saint Peter’s Medical Center (a milestone in the evidential use of learned treatises at trial)

Frame v. Kothari (landmark case restricting “bystander” emotional distress claims in misdiagnosis cases and promulgating the standard of proof required)

Crespo v. McCartin (raised the bar for qualifications of experts in medical malpractice cases)

Nowacki v. Community Medical Center (redefined the permitted use of medical records at trial)

Edwards v. Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital (upholding against constitutional attack statute limiting damage awards against hospitals)

Among the firm’s institutional healthcare clients are South Jersey Healthcare, Meridian Health System, Ocean Medical Center, and Deborah Heart & Lung Center.

Of course, professional malpractice claims are not limited to the medical field. Other professionals who require or have used Grossman & Heavey’s legal expertise include attorneys, accountants, engineers, architects, insurance agents/brokers, and land surveyors, to name a few.

If you have a professional malpractice claim to defend and would like to discuss how our firm’s special expertise can help, please call Thomas Heavey at (732) 206-0200.

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