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Your first experience with the legal system may well be a traffic ticket. We know how nerve-racking a summons can be. We also know how important it is to obtain sound legal advice and not appear in municipal court unrepresented.

Once in court you will be up against not only the police officer or trooper who issued the summons; you will face an experienced prosecutor. Pleading guilty is an option, but it is usually not an appropriate or prudent choice.

A guilty plea to a traffic violation may result in a hefty fine or suspension of your license, or both, as well as points on your license. The penalties for a guilty plea to driving while under the influence of alcohol (i.e.,” drunk driving,” “DWI” or “DUI”) are even more severe, and can result in heavy fines, suspension or revocation of your license, points and a hefty surcharge on your insurance premium.

Grossman & Heavey have experienced municipal court attorneys who will provide you with the necessary legal expertise to obtain a satisfactory result. If you have received a municipal court summons and wish to discuss your case, call Thomas Heavey at (732) 206-0200.

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